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Raj Salhotra Photography

Raj Salhotra has always been fascinated by the art and craft of photography. It's been a passion that became a profession. He began his career in photography over two decades ago. He trained intensively under one of the leading photographers of the country, travelling with him, learning, unlearning and re-learning constantly. During those years, technologies changed, techniques evolved and he continued to develop his inner eye, to see what others did not.


Interactive set the bar high - "deliver us the best website in the world". With a strict brand style guide that had been constructed for print, we needed to adapt the brand for digital. The site also had to be built in such a manner that would enable maximum security within the hosting environment.


With this in mind, we adopted an agile approach to the development looking to incorporate seamless transitions and subtle animations to present the brand as truly 'interactive'. With a requirement for use across multiple devices, we developed a fully responsive site with clear calls to action for the different user groups - potential clients, existing clients, staff and potential employees. Third party software, Live Chat, was also integrated to enable clients to access immediate technical support directly through the site.


Responsive Design, Web Development, Custom Development



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I was a bit hesitant at first, but team of Golden Turtle quickly dispersed any doubt I had. Golden Turtle and its team were quick, courteous and very efficient.

 Mr. Raj Salhotra (Owner) 

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