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Design Clinic India

Design Clinic India is product and furniture design company, that draws inspiration from it's country of conception, India. They swear by the one off quality as they incorporate Indian art and craft techniques to create contemporary pieces. Founded by Parth Parikh, who has a masters in Product Design from Domus Academy, Milan, the brand aims to showcase unique pieces conceptualised by him.


To deliver the best out of us with a strict brand style. We need to showcase the brand in such a manner that will leave a maximum impact on its user with their product.


With this in mind, we adopted an agile approach to the development looking to incorporate seamless transitions and subtle animations to present the brand as truly 'interactive'. With a requirement for use across multiple devices, we developed a fully responsive site with clear calls to action for the different user groups - potential clients, existing clients, staff and potential employees. Third party software, Live Chat, was also integrated to enable clients to access immediate technical support directly through the site.


Web Design, Responsive Design, Web Development



Client Appreciation

Golden Turtle, I would say is a brilliant team of professionals and quirky developers & designers.I was amazed by the quality of Services and their work.

 Mr. Parth Parikh (Founder & Owner) Design Clinic India 

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